NAET is a revolutionary technique that eliminates allergy suffering by restoring the body’s natural response to the environment.  It gently and naturally re-programs the way you respond to foods, chemicals, hormones and environmental conditions by restoring balance to your body’s meridian system, the system that channels energy through the body, permitting symptom free contact with food and other substances.  Simply put, when we “turn-off” the meridian system’s hypersensitive/hyposenstive response to an “allergen”, the body ceases to be “allergic” to it.  NAET can “turn-off” an allergy in as little as one treatment per allergen.

Feel free to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the information provided on my website.  You will probably have many questions, especially if you have never tried alternative healing methods.  Please don’t hesitate to email or call me.  There’s also an on-line forum for members and patients if you wish to communicate that way.  I will respond to all inquiries personally.

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I have been helping patients with NAET since 2002 and look forward to helping you and your family.